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March, 2014

Dearest Readers,

I know many of you are beyond anxious to get a release date for PRIMROSE. Thank you for your patience. I recently removed a character and many words from the book. It was painful but necessary, and the book is so much better for it. I look forward to having a release date for you soon.

In other news, THE TOWER is now available at iBooks and also at All Romance Ebooks (along with Amazon eBooks and Barnes and Noble). If you haven’t picked it up, it’s a luscious novella-length retelling of Rapunzel.

Also, I’m honored to announce that PASSION just won Best Erotic Romance of 2013 at Western Romance Novel Study Group (which is the AAR of the East, where PASSION is a new release). I’m thrilled that Mark and Passion are as beloved in Taiwan and China as they are here in the West.

On the contest front, I’m very happy to announce the winner of the holiday contest. DeAnn won the beautiful figurine of Rapunzel from Lennox’s Legendary Princesses Collection. DeAnn’s favorite quote is: “With the milk of life, fill up the cup till the new moon’s up…”

Thank you to everyone who entered! My favorite submitted quotes are as follows:

From Pat ~ “You are the pathetic one,” she said, “for you will never know such love. Not because you are a witch, and not because your beauty had fled. But because you can never receive that which you refuse to give!”

From Martha ~ “…I will surely see you soon…and then, my love, we shall be together in our forever now.”

From Leslie ~ “Rodrigo didn’t move, but inside him something black and violent welled. Thick as pitch, it soaked into his organs and then pumped through his veins, until his whole body was trembling with the urge to draw blood and crack bones.”

From Numia ~ “I love you,” he rasped. His lips, cracked and bleeding, pulled back in a pained grimace as more tears fell. “I came back to tell you that, my sweet, sweet love.”

Finally, I would like to invite all of you to Jess Michaels’ website on Monday, March 10th. I will be participating in her Erotic Historical Romance Blog, where I will be discussing how it’s never “just sex” in an erotic historical. I hope you’ll stop by.





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